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Ash Wednesday OOTD


Blue and green arm candies from Lovemyblingz


Valentine’s Day sweets from Auntie 


Valentine’s Day feature on Meg Magazine Philippines! Photos from previous shoot The Lea Valenzuela :”>


My Valentine’s Date! Hihi 


Fresh strawberries =P~


My homemade pizza! Meat-less LOL


First time to attend mass online! Holy Eucharist celebration in Manhattan- you guys should try this too if ever you can’t go to church on a Sunday or whenever with any reason you might have- Here’s the link: THE SUNDAY MASS ♥ If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Each voucher entitles you to (1) one Statement Arrow Down Necklace w FREE SHIPPING for P250 instead of P450 Personalized Accessories' at Deal Dozen ♥ http://www.dealdozen.com/deals/375/make-a-statement-w-arrow-down-lustworthy-pieces

My outfit during the Yahoo! OMG! Awards 2012 got featured at Manila Street Style! Thank you so much ♥

The Personalized Accessories

Joan Lee, the young entrepreneur and owner of Personalized Accessories, is the type of girl who loves to go out and shop for accessories til the day came that she realized that she can create her own accessories by using the materials that are available for her. As for family business in the world of acrylics, she started to create necklaces, thinking of what she could wear, and customizing them to colors she wanted. Her creations are then posted to her Facebook Page.

Surprised as she is, there were a lot of people who became interested to her products, which made her really happy. She is currently a college student and she only manages her shop on her spare time. She fixes orders while watching TV. And that she means by placing the jump rings and necklace chains and everything into beautifully turned accessories just out of boredom.

After a little while, she got interested to wearing big pieces that creates a statement. So she sketched some ideas and grabbed inspiration from watching movies, reading blogs and reading magazines. She definitely didn’t want to limit herself to the acrylic accessories so her mind is really open to new ideas and the like.

Just last summer, she decided on working with clay because she just finds it fun to do. She played with it like a kid for about two weeks, and decided to make accessories out of clay. She got her inspirations from photos and from there, she tried to make something similar with them. Clay accessories is her baby project as of now and actually, she just released it recently and she hopes that people will also support all her handmade clayworks.

Below are some of Personalized Accessories’ Facebook Page cover photos and I’m so glad that my photos made it there ;)

I hope you like my simple feature about Personalized Accessories! It’s just good to know where all these awesome accessories began right? I also want to take this opportunity to thank Joan of @itsPAofficial for being a very generous blog sponsor who always sends me necklaces! Couldn’t really be thankful enough. And of course, all these photos wouldn’t be possible without my very talented photographer friend, Lea ♥