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October 6, 2012 Awesome day has just started after I got my new running mates! Next stop was at Arundel Mills for lunch.


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Often referred to as Popeyes and sometimes as Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits or Popeyes Chicken & Seafood.


What I got was the Popcorn Shrimp! Tender crispy shrimp seasoned in Louisiana herbs and spices then served up crispy in their unique Southern style breading. Paired it with their special signature side and a hot buttery Biscuit. I chose the Cajun Fries as my side! They may look like French fries, but their special seasoning makes them 100% Cajun.


Visit their website: http://popeyes.com/


Today is special because I found my accessory shop! Yes, it’s like everything in here can be in my collection LOL Spikes, studs, skulls, cross, peace and mustache, name it and it’s all there! Only in Claire’s 


New accessories! 


Nail polish, nail art pen and faux nails.


Nail stickers! See how it looks on my fingernails, click HERE.


Another reason that today is special because I had milk tea again, haven’t had one since forever knowing that I used to have it everyday LOL It’s my first time to have one again today and it’s definitely an addition to my Milk Tea Craze Posts!


Jasmine Smoothie World Tea, I had Bubble Milk Tea =P~ Milk teas are really famous in the Philippines according to their distributors. Now, they’re ready to conquer the east coast of America.


Got the largest size and look how wide the cup is, it actually looks small on photos but I can barely hold the half of it LOL Try it with your empty hand now ahaha plus points for serving size! Well everything has plus points when talking about servings here in the US.


Auntie and Nik got their froyos while Michaela and I got our bubble teas =P~


Took crazy photos while we’re on our way home! LOL 



Saturnight with Michaela was time for our nails! We’re legit nail artists LOL


We tried out different designs for future reference and then removed them right after, so we basically just ended up putting nail stickers instead.


We love Sally Hansen products for our nails! The quality is really good ;)


October 7, 2012 Attended mass at 1030H then we’re off to IKEA for lunch. 

imageTasty, Uncomplicated and Good for You! That’s IKEA FOOD. When you visit the IKEA store, make sure to stop by the Restaurant for a meal, a snack or just a quick cup of coffee. Their restaurants welcomes their customers with a relaxing atmosphere and menu offers that satisfy most every taste!


We had their ever famous Swedish meatballs served with cream sauce and lingonberries. You can choose from french fries, baked mac and cheese or mashed potato for your meal.


And create your own salad or have a cup of soup. That time, since it was cold outside, I decided to have pumpkin soup (no photo). Shopped at IKEA afterwards! Loved trying out all the comfy beds and looking at the nice interiors all over.


Next stop was at White Marsh MallExciting shopping, dining and entertainment in Baltimore, Maryland. We strolled around the place, uncle bought some home supplies and we had another milk tea drink  ♫ Glory Glory Hallelujah  LOL


This time I had Taro! Definitely better than Bubble Milk or maybe I’m a little biased because I love taro LOL Finished it faster than I did yesterday ahaha


Visited my favorite store again, actually it’s Michaela and I’s favey! CLAIRE’S 


Here’s what I wore! Who knew checkered, plain and stripes can be in one chic button down polo? Pulled it off with off white, straight cut, corduroy pants. Super thanks to my Mucha Family for always making the weekend well spent! ♥

August 9, 2012

Came all the way to Quezon City again w JC just for me to have a feel of a “different environment” or so. Since I’m forever a Makati girl, Quezon City never failed to surprise me w semi underground-ish spots LOL

We had our dinner at The Lazy Bean, Tomas Morato. Like them on Facebook, HERE!

I totally love the interior design, it feels like I’m home tho I’m really far away. So whatever, that made me like this place so much.

Cute paintings/ artworks all over the walls!

So this is JC, she’s my review classmate! We never ran out of words whenever we’re together. I basically learn a lot from her, knowing that she’s from the states (she just went back in the Ph bec of school and review reasons) and I’ll be going there soon. From shopping, food, behavior and everything about whatever, she can give crazy yet very meaningful life advises.

So I had my Cafe Latte and JC had her Soda Mojito (no photo)

We had pesto pasta! Good thing they offer large servings so JC and I shared and guess what? They offered them into two separate cutesy plates, d’awww.

There’s always space for desserts! Also in Tomas Morato, our next stop was at Kozui Green Tea, they’re on Facebook too! You know what it is ;)

JC had her Taro while I had my Butterscotch Matcha Korichio! Yummm =P~ 

So Japanice! Definitely a night of food and adventure. Yes, I consider walking along Tomas Morato street as an adventure LOL 

TADAAA! My face is fluffy I could die.


July 20, 2012 Japanese lunch w Niko and Kev at GB

Tea101 date w Jamie at CA Garden Sq, Mandaluyong

Mercato Centrale, Fort w Niko and Kev

Officially a food trip day! LOL (Outfit Post)

July 23, 2012 Banapple dinner w Niko at Ayala Triangle

Lasagna rolls yummm

Ofcourse, Banoffee pie for dessert =P~ (Outfit Post)

June 24, 2012 Surprise visit for Krizzia yay! (phone photo)

June 25, 2012 McDo Quezon Ave breaktime w KAPLAN review classmates

Met up w Marrah (Bakes) and Jha (Awesome Bargains) at GB3

J.Co for donuts and Avocado frappe w Niko and Kev

Arvin (my cousin) also came over! (Outfit Post)

July 26, 2012 Random photos at the review center w my classmates

Bubble Tea and Grillery date w Bea, Dep, Aj and Dom at QC

July 27, 2012 Dimsum dinner w Niko at Kowloon House, Park Sq

Crazy night w this girl LOL ;)

Stayed SB GB1 while it drizzles ;) (Outfit Post)

July 28, 2012 Bonding w Mucha family from states! ;) Pizza Hut Bistro G4

July 29, 2012 Dark Knight Rises then dinner at North Park G5

They’re the reason why I am gaining 5 pounds everyday LOL

Cha Dao Tea Place

Savour the moment. Whatever type of day you’re having, relax and enjoy with a cup of Cha Dao. Caress the glass, don’t hug it, sip the tea, don’t gulp it.

Cha Dao offers healthy and delicious drinks made with brewed tea and infused with milk and fruit flavors. Then add addicting sago, nata de coco and popping boba for a truly refreshing drink you will definitely crave for!

I really get excited whenever I encounter a milk tea shop that is new to me. I never had a second thought of trying Cha Dao on my first time at SM City Marikina. I tried their Wintermelon Creme XL plus pearls and it didn’t disappoint me! 

Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chadaoteaplace And find out where the other branches are located and you can also follow them on Twitter: @ChaDaoTeaPlace ♥

Moonleaf (The Columns, Makati)


June 23, 2012 ♥ Thanks, Lealeii :*