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Misspauuparazzi was hit like a brick with all of the new individuality that a college graduate may bring. It was really exciting for her, but at the same time she was apprehensive because she knew it was a significant milestone in her life and she didn’t actually know what to expect with the “officially I’m an adult” life. 

However, the freedom provided by being a college graduate ended up being really awesome for her. She loves being able to completely manage her own time and make her own decisions. She can shop anytime she feels like it, and at the same time offer herself some great pamper sessions regularly.

Having graduated BSN, it is required to take the board exam to have a job and with that, review classes are necessary. Since she is continuing her education, it’s going to be exciting because she’s going all the way up to another city- and if you really know her, she’s only used to in being in her area of responsibility. It is indeed a great challenge for her to travel by train, everyday. She has this schedule on the top of her dresser to maintain her physical and mental activities in equilibrium -wc includes review, workout, chores and self-care. Focusing on making her parents proud, practicing independence for future use and of course just a way of making each time of her life productive. Getting ready to what the “other side of the world” may bring, starting September 1st -flight to US.

Being a citizen of the United States, and someone who is dreaming to become an instant USRN in the near future, she is reviewing for the National Council Licensure EXamination (NCLEX) at  International Cultural Studies & Education Corporation (ICSEC), highly recommended by her USRN aunts- KAPLAN. Being an American Citizen doesn’t require her to take the local board exam (NLE) and the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). It is such an advantage to skip such examinations and get licensed as soon as possible, all she has to do is to give her best shot for the NCLEX.

She’s relieved for overcoming the “studying for grades” part and now, she already has a sense of accomplishment for being someone who’s holding a degree. She felt as though she accomplished the greatest thing in her life, which is true enough. BUT- yes there is a but, the sadness was that she knew that she’ll definitely miss her friends and would miss being on that college building. Her friends including all her batchmates are reviewing together for the NLE, which in fact makes her miss them more because they’re all still together except for her who is reviewing along with the professional medical practitioners. It is indeed a courage for her being the youngest to keep along with the RNs reviewing for the NCLEX as well. There she is doing her best to keep up with them- as a fresh BSN graduate.

Recently, she was able to fix her closet -Nursing Uniform Free. And now she’s taking her review classes, there’s always a fun way of asking herself everyday of her life “WHAT TO WEAR?” Today is a new day and it is such a pleasure to live each of it as if it’s the last ♥

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