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February 6-10, 2012 So glad that I’ve contributed such significant participation to the events of our school’s college week LOL I’ve never been this active in co-curricular activities but hey, this would be my last College Week anyway haha so here are my “works”

EXHIBIT POSTER; Thanks to Joanna Lumbres (head) for choosing me to create the poster for the exhibit ;)

Yours truly is one of the concept making/artist and speaker in one! So honored for being one of the few (7) selected representatives for the whole batch. This exhibit is to show the growth of Makati Medical Center- College of Nursing students from freshmen to seniors with their duty exposures and learnings through the years of being in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing course. This was open to the public and various senior high school students from the metro came over as well.

Career Planning Invitation

CAREER PLANNING INVITATION (FINAL; Faculty)  Congratulations to Iara Loares (head) for this successful event! Thanks for choosing me as well ;)

DEBATE SQUARE OFF BACKDROP; Short notice from Gem Murillo, the task was assigned to me like 8pm and I should forward my design on the day after LOL Glad that I never failed her, they liked my design as if it was never done with time pressure! Thanks to Trisha Mojica (head) ;)

I basically spent the whole week with my SFs, Registrar Committee for the seminar, props making for the Make Me Famous Talent show, Yellow Cab with some crazy friends and flowers from Paul. Not mentioning some milk tea moments and time spent for some crazy Fashion Adventure.

Last but not the least, the main event of this year’s College Week, the most awaited- Make Me Famous (Talent Show) The event was held at my highschool alma mater, Colegio de Sta. Rosa Makati. Head is my awesome partnur, Trina Magbanua. So proud of her for having a very successful event! She’s not only goal oriented but morally upright as well ;) Glad that I was able to create a “Tumblr Vibes” design for the Committee shirt inspired by Rupert Grint LOL 

Congratulations to my schoolmates who were able to share their talents and proved to everyone that a nursing student doesn’t only become dominant to hospitals and to other health care facilities but can conquer the stage as well. NURSING IS AN ART 

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